CutCam (R)
Cutting Area Camera Supervision

With this accessory the operation of alignment and positioning of the machine well become fast and easy.

The cutting area is framed by a rugged and dustproof camera. The image is then acquired, processed and displayed on CNC screen.

All necessaries operations can be done directly from the consolle exactly "viewing" the real position of the machine.

The software application is designed for complete integration with ECS-based CNC (Basic, Basic+, Basic++)


Automatic plate detection system

This system is composed of a special laser sensor detecting the plate edge and related managing software (specific for ECS-based CNC).

The position and angle of rotation of the plate on cutting table is quickly acquired by a fully-automated cycle that seeks few points on the plate edges.

Below you can see a short video demonstrating how the system operates:

Crosslight laser pointer

Cross Laser Pointer
Set your startup position at a glance!!!

This device is auto-centering: the crossing point of the two light lines is always projected on the cutting point. You don't need to set any offset on starting point.

Can be installed on any CNC machine.


Dot laser pointer

Dot Laser Pointer
Focused LED beam emitter with red light.

Helps the user in pointing the plate and detecting its angle of rotation.

Can be installed on any CNC machine capable to manage the correct working offset.